Saturday, January 13, 2018

Have you ever had choices in life that you made quick decisions on? 
Did you stop once to think about the consequences that those choices might bring?

We might think of consequences as a bad thing, but they are simply the results of our choices; the good and the bad.   It's important to understand that the choices we make will not only affect us, but they can and most often times will affect those connected to us.  The bible asks what man doesn't first sit down and count up the cost before making decisions?

That one choice you make can change your life for good or for bad.  So let us in this new year make better choices, that will yield us better consequences.  We should want every choice that we make to bear good fruit for years to come.  Just as bad choices follow us the rest of our lives, so does the good choices.  

We invite you to listen to the podcast on Choices & Consequences.  

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                                                              Titled: Choices & Consequences
                                                                           Date: 01-11-2018